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      The dying throes of the buck recalled Byles to the object of his journey; and they were about making an effort to extricate the animal from the brushwood, when the servitor's eye caught the gleam of a light in the cottage."Poor little thing!"

      He expressed himself so eloquently in this fashion that the member for the Rye division of Sussexthe borough had been disenfranchised in '85asked him to speak at a recruiting meeting at the Court Hall. Unluckily Reuben's views on recruiting were peculiar.

      Sir Robert had remarked the sudden flush, and then the death-like paleness, which had passed over Holgrave's face, as his glance fixed upon Byles; and perceiving that, as his dead mother was spoken of, he became excessively agitated, he ordered his page to carry him another cup of wine; and the two criminals being removed, De Boteler continued,Anne turned away from her father and brother, and walked towards the window. She disliked arguing, she thought it undignified. She was a tall woman, about twenty-eight years old, severely yet rather imposingly dressed, with a clear complexion, grey eyes, and a nose which was called by her friends aquiline, by her enemies hooked. She despised the Squire in his truck with Odiam, yet she was too fair-minded not to see the considerations that weighed him. And even she, as she gazed from the window, at the southward heap of Boarzellstony, gorsy, heather-shagged, and fir-crownedcould not withhold a certain admiration from the man who expected of his own arm and tool to subdue it.

      "Perhaps a friend might help you."The struggle was terrible; it wore him out. He fought it desperatelyto neither side would he surrender an inch. Sometimes with Rose's arms about him, her soft cheek against his and her perfidy forgotten, he would be on the brink of giving her the pretty costly thing, whatever it was, that she wanted at the expense of Odiam. At others, out in his fields, or on the slope of Boarzellhalf wild, half tamedwith all those unconquered regions swelling above him, he would feel that he could almost gladly lose Rose altogether, if to keep her meant the sacrifice of one jot of his ambition, one tittle of his hope. Then he would go home, and find her ogling Handshut through the window, or giving tea in her most seductive manner to some young idiot with clean handsand round would go the wheel againround and round....

      "But that does not matter now," she said calmly.

      "In my boxyou can cl?athe the naked wud 'emI'm never going to put 'em on no more."



      "Valiantmy n?um wur sixteen times in the p?aper this mornun."


      "I forgot you all the time I wur wud Rose," he remarked naively.