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      "Poor horses," murmured Shorty. "I always feel mighty sorry for them. They hadn't nothin' to do with gittin' up this rebellion. We must go around and kill such as is alive, and put them out o' their misery.""Rose, you queer me."

      The boys, to whom a rebel was a savage wolf, to be killed any way that he could be caught, looked wonderingly at Si, who responded by a nod of approval.Reuben did not answer; she knew by his attitudechin in handthat he was thinking.

      Chapter 17

      At present he lodged with some relations in Watchbell Street, and round him were all the Dansays and Tailleurs and Espinettes and Perrots, the Rye fisher tribe, of French originwhich was still traceable in their names, in their brown eyes, and the sensitiveness of their mouths. He nearly always went to his people between voyages, for the Rye girls took his fancy. There was at this moment a charmer in Wish Ward on whom a good part of his pay had already been spent. Sometimes he went out in his uncle Bob Dansay's fishing boat, for he was not above handling a net between his ventures on the high seas.


      Richard stared at her for a moment"I'm glad to hear it. But the othersoh, my dear girl, this is damnable!"


      "Can I help you, dear?" asked Mrs. Backfield as she passed her chair. But Naomi wanted to be alone.


      "And there lay the steed, with his nostrils all wide,