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      "Oh, Captain Kincaid, what does it matter?"

      Lycon did not speak a word to the slaves, but as he turned slowly with Simonides to go back to the dwelling by the same path, he said as though continuing an interrupted conversation:

      The sun rode high in the heavens. Not a cloud was visible far or near, and not a breath of air was stirring. About thirty boats and small vessels were lying at a quay built of large limestone-blocksthe ones whose masts were seen from the Street of the Bakers. On the right the gaze rested upon the highest part of the city, above which rose the distant mountains of Pherae; at the left the smiling, fertile coast extended almost as far as the eye could reach, towering upward into a spur of Pelion. Over the green water of the bay, that glittered like a mirror, fishing boats and pleasure craft glided past each other and beyond, like a broad dark-blue stripe, appeared the Pagasaean Gulf, which melted into the open sea, flashing like gold in the sunshine. On the opposite side of the gulf rose the promontory of Pyrrha, while through the mists of distance gleamed the coast-cities, and behind them the ridge of the Othrys mountains, over which led the road to Locris, B?otia, and Attica.The small lady gave the blunderer a grave, brief, now-you-have-done-it glance and looked down. "Well, I know," she measuredly said, "that a man who can tell a woman that, isn't capable of loving her half enough." She turned to go back, with a quickness which, I avow, was beautifully and tenderly different from irritation, yet which caused her petticoat's frail embroidery to catch on one of his spurs and cling till the whole laughing bevy had gathered round to jest over Flora's disentanglement of it.

      In one point the plan was fatally defective, since it involved the deadly enmity of a race whose character and whose power were as yet but ill understood,the fiercest, boldest, most politic, and most ambitious savages to whom the American forest has ever given birth.The voice which echoed in clear, musical tones on the stillness of evening made Hipyllos heart throb. He had never heard Clytie speak, but it seemed to him that she must speak thus.

      Seiei, seiei! The earth is shaking, its an earthquake.

      Its a pity that Lycon is a slave! Then, as if fearing she had said too much, she hastened to add: Dont you think so, too?

      "Well--next time we meet--what then?"XXVI SWIFT GOING, DOWN STREAM


      [7] The permanent bark villages of the Dahcotah of the St. Peter's are the nearest modern approach to the Huron towns. The whole Huron country abounds with evidences of having been occupied by a numerous population. "On a close inspection of the forest," Dr. Tach writes to me, "the greatest part of it seems to have been cleared at former periods, and almost the only places bearing the character of the primitive forest are the low grounds.""Anyhow," said Anna, with a one-sided smile, "they can't call me a spy." Her words quickened: "I'm a rebel, but I'm no spy. I was lost. And he's no spy. He was in uniform. Is he--on this boat?"



      "And you don't want to mislead him, and you're just bothered to death! It was the same way with me."With soft eagerness Flora called Constance, and the sister and Miranda stood dumb.