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      Nothing particularly so, said Varley, rolling a cigarette and lighting it with the last of his letters, an epistle written in the sentimental womans hand known as Italian.

      The old soldier, they all agreed, had had a feeling for roses and song, which had gilded the edges and angles of his austere spirit and betrayed a tenderness too deep hid for casual discovery, yet so vital a part of him that but for its lacerations--with every new public disaster--he never need have sunk under these year-old Vicksburg wounds which had dragged him down at last.

      Not all of them, but some do.

      Nomion nodded with a look of satisfaction.Norman still looked at him steadily, and, to Varleys surprise, did not wince or flinch.

      Its all my fault. If I had told you everything the night I arrived, this wouldnt have happened.



      Leave me alone for a little while, she said. I am too tired to undress. Will you give me some water before you go?


      Take these off! she said. Every one, as they gazed at her, would say that the Marquis of Trafford had married her for the wealth which the dress and the jewels proclaimed. Take them off!