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      "Stolen from the castles and houses they have plundered," added Sudbury.

      Well, I hope hell get a good meal this evening, said Mrs Keeling. Hes taking his supper with us.Mary saw that she had nothing to do but deny, and this she did most stoutly.

      "Are you afraid of good or bad spirits? Nonsense!do as you have promised, and take the gold."

      "You're frighted."

      "Nonsense!" returned the stranger, "I would drink ten times as much and be nothing the worse. But hark you, Stephen HolgraveI have come to you for shelter, and I expect you will give it."

      Keeling had that faculty, which had stood him in such good stead all his life, of being able to make up his mind quickly when all the data were put before him. He did not hesitate now, and ten minutes after, when the details of the ownership and present lease were in his possession, he had authorised his agent to purchase for him.


      "Yes. You've allus treated me lik a dog, and laughed at my writing and all I wanted to do. Then chaps came along as didn't laugh, and promised me all sorts o' things if I'd write fur them."


      CHAPTER VII.Reuben often went to the Cocks, for he had heard it[Pg 419] said that one's beer-drinking capacities diminished with old age, and he was afraid that if he stayed away, men would think it was on that account. So he went frequently, particularly if the weather was of a kind to keep old people at home. He did not talk much, preferring to listen to what was said, sitting quietly at his table in the corner, with the quart of Barclay and Perkins's mild which had been his evening drink from a boy.


      "But you could help your country just as well by staying at h?ame and growing corn."