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      "Forward, 200th Ind.! Rally on your colors!" rang out the clear, sweet, penetrating voice of the Colonel, as he snatched the colors from the hand of the third man who had borne them since the regiment moved forward, and sprang up the side of the works.Cadnan found himself suddenly struck blind: ahead of him, Dara made a single, lonely, terrified sound that overrode all the alarms.

      "Oh, w?an't I!" and Reuben showed his strong white teeth.Her eyes were fixed on him with their strange spell, and her sharp little face was grave. He knew that she did not sympathisehe had not expected it. But he was glad he had told her.

      "Yes, just one."


      "How, mad?"


      He was free of them at last, galloping down the Landgate hill towards Rye Foreign.


      "You may," the old woman said flatly.