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      "Steady, men, I tell you! Steady! Press on the center," commanded the unseen Colonel. "Forward! Forward!"

      "I, too.""You don't have to squat under the bushes all day."

      'all Right, Boss; Dats a Go' 052

      "You're foolish," he muttered.

      "The whole world down here is full of honeysuckle," murmured Don. "In the evening you can smell it far out in the Bay.""What for?" stammered Pen.

      Si Takes a Crack at A Reb 147

      "We had legal advice, sir. Not from Mr. Corveth, but from another lawyer, who once defended Spike Talley."


      Pen schooled herself to patience. "If Mr. Riever is really in earnest my going away will not make any difference ... It's said to be a very good move," she added slyly.


      [837] Lvis Bourlamaque, Juillet, Ao?t, 1760.'all Right, Boss; Dats a Go' 052


      With his complete mastery of the situation, Si's confidence returned, and Shorty, who had been dazed and helpless at first, recovered himself and came to his assistance."Quick! my night-dress!" she cried. "Throw these wet things into a closet. Remember to say you put me to bed as soon as Dad went out and we both fell asleep!"