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      [761] Foligny, Journal mmoratif. Journal tenu l'Arme, etc.

      It was not long till a squad of cavalrymen came galloping back, yelling that the rebels were just ahead. The line was halted for a few minutes; while the Generals swept the surrounding country with their field glasses and took in the situation.

      "Hands up, Counsell! I got you covered!"

      Heb. x. 12.

      "I take it as a matter of course ... Shouldn't I?"

      Murray went forward to reconnoitre. Immediately before him was a rising ground, and, beyond it, a tract of forest called Sillery Wood, a mile or more distant. Nearer, on the left, he could see two blockhouses built by the English in the last autumn, not far from the brink of the plateau above the Anse du Foulon where Wolfe climbed the heights. On the right, at the opposite brink of the plateau, was a house and a fortified windmill 347

      "I was all in," said Pen simply. "I couldn't face the added excitement even of telling you."


      The rest of Co. Q gathered around to inspect it and envy them."Doggone it, here they come," said Shorty, snatching up his gun.



      Stuck in the Mud 141Pendleton scowled sulkily at the table. "You know what I want you to do," he muttered.