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      [553] Procs de Bigot, Cadet, et autres, Mmoire pour Messire Fran?ois Bigot.

      Thus rudely was shattered another of Si Klegg's bright illusions.V2 Colonial Minister, Berryer, prepossessed against Bougainville by the secret warning of Vaudreuil, received him coldly, and replied to his appeal for help: "Eh, Monsieur, when the house is on fire one cannot occupy one's self with the stable." "At least, Monsieur, nobody will say that you talk like a horse," was the irreverent answer.

      "It's not here either," she said.

      "My capital," corrected Pen.About six months taught Si what all the soldiers learned by experience, that the best way to eat the average hardtack was to take it "straight"just as it came out of the box, without any soaking or frying or stewing. At meal-time he would make a quart or so of coffee, stab the end of a ramrod through three or four slices of sowbelly, and cook them over the coals, allowing some of the drippings to fall upon the hardtack for lubricating purposes, and these constituted his frugal repast.

      "We'll see, Mr. Klegg," said the Captain, "if you can't learn to handle your arms without mashing the toes and stabbing the eyes out of the rest of the company."

      "Jest thinkin' that way myself," replied Si; "but all the same, it beats travelin' on the hoof all holler!"

      "Did you not tell all you know?" Judge Stockman demanded.


      Laying the Foundation 091


      Si looked as if he would like to dig a hole in the ground, get into it, and have Shorty cover him up.


      [721] Journal tenu l'Arme que commandoit feu M. le Marquis de Montcalm."You know him?"