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      "The masters are elders."

      She caught Shorty's arm with a fervor that made him thrill all over.

      "I thought the 200th Injianny was so much finer rijimint than any other that you'd know it at sight," said Harry Joslyn, with a shade of disappointment in his voice.

      Cadnan tried to find words, but there were no words. She had won, and he knew it. He could not let Dara stay behind to draw a great punishment, possibly even to die, to be no more Dara. And there was no way of forcing her to go and escape that fateno way except to go with her.

      Dodd found some words, not many but enough. "I haven't met you yet," he said in what he hoped was a bright tone. "What's your name?"

      "But surely" Willis began."Perfect," said the Lieutenant, handing him a couple of heavy Remington revolvers. "Stow these somewhere about your clothes, and get that blacking off your shoes as soon as you can, and you'll do."


      "A very likely story," sneered several of the staff.


      "Close up, there! Close up!" he kept shouting to those in front. "Don't allow no gaps between you. Keep marchin' distance19 inches from back to breast. Come along, Pete. I ain't a-goin' to lose you, no matter what happens."